How to get your degree or business education in English

Q&A with representatives of The Lowy International School, Tel Aviv University — Lena Bliman and David R. You will learn about what programs are available in English in Israel, and the terms of joining and studying.

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Is it possible to study for free or receive a scholarship?

We offer a number of merit based scholarships. It’s important to mention that they should review different funding options via their home communities and/or institutions.

What education programs are available in Israel in English?

60+ plus programs across the faculties:

What are the entrance requirements and prerequisites for admission?

All our graduate programs require an undergraduate degree (with a minimum GPA), recommendation letters, a resume, a personal essay, and proof of English proficiency. Specific programs may require additional requirements, e.g., a particular undergraduate degree/field, a higher GPA, SAT/ACT results, and/or industry experience.

Every program might require different additional elements, so the best way to prepare is by checking the program listing for detailed information. The closing dates for each academic program may differ, so check your specific program site for accurate information. Housing and scholarships are typically first-come, first-serve, so applying early is recommended.

Can degrees and diplomas earned abroad be counted when enrolled in Israeli universities?

All our program admission team will send transcripts to a specific team in the university who will evaluate your application and work out your gpa.

Are there any age restrictions for studying in English?

No but all programs have specific application requirements – see #2 above.

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